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Heart Attack Prevention by Early Detection

The Heart Attack Prevention Program is a streamlined five stage process

Program Inclusions

*For eligible applicants

The Heart Attack
Prevention Program

The Heart Initiative provides individuals at potential risk of heart attack the opportunity to take initiative with their own heart health.

Through our streamlined 5-step program, we provide effective heart attack prevention to those who may be at risk, using leading
technology for plaque testing known as Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Scoring.

Our motto is prevention by early detection. This refers to the early detection of plaque or ‘atherosclerosis’. A CAC scan is the most effective way to identify atherosclerosis in at-risk patients, and is achieved by a simple x-ray using a CT (computerised tomography) scan.* This is a quick and simple x-ray with no dye or injections analogous to a ‘mammogram of the heart’.


Step 1

Online risk calculator 

5 mins

Cost : Free

The first stage involves using our online Personal Risk-Profile Calculator to determine how at-risk you are from a heart attack, and whether you may benefit from a Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) scan.

Use our free online Personal Risk Profile Calculator. 


Step 2

Risk-Profile Report & Recommendations

Cost : Free

Our team will provide you with a free email report of your results obtained by using the online Personal Risk-Profile Calculator. These results will also be shared with your GP if requested.


Step 3

Referral for CAC Scan

Cost : Free

If a CAC scan is recommended, at your request, we will provide you with a FREE doctors referral. You can request one using our online calculator, or by contacting us:

(Alternatively, you can also obtain a referral from your GP for a fee)


Step 4

CAC Scan & Calcium Score

15 Mins

Cost : Standard fees apply for X-ray services.

The CAC scan will measure calcium in your arteries, known to be present in at-risk patients. Our team will forward to you the scan results at no cost, as well as to your GP if requested. Based on the results, we may recommend a consultation with our cardiologists


Step 5

Cardiology Consultation

Cost : Consultation fees apply. 

Our preventative cardiologists offer Coronary Calcium Analysis and Risk Management services, and will provide a comprehensive assessment of your CAC scan results. Further testing may be required.

Please note, a GP referral is required to qualify for Medicare rebates.

At Bligh Cardiology:  50 Margaret St, Sydney. Fee’s apply.

Use Our FREE Personal Risk-Profile Calculator

Calculate your Personal Risk-Profile by selecting the fields that apply to you. You will receive an instant email with your Risk-Profile score with personal recommendations. If you would like your GP to receive a copy of your results, please include their details in the below form.

Based on the outcome, one of our friendly Heart Initiative Program Coordinators may get in touch to discuss your next steps. To receive a free CAC scan referral, please include the additional details required, and we will arrange the referral for eligible applicants.

IMPORTANT: It is advised that you know your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure before filling out this form (up to 12 months is valid). If you don’t know your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, please visit your local pharmacy or GP.

Heart Risk-Profile Calculator

Heart Initiative

For enquiries into the Heart Initiative and our program, please get in touch with one of our Heart Initiative Program Coordinators to learn more about the program or arrange a free referral for a Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) scan.

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